Legal Education

Alternative legal education is necessary to popularize the law and the legal system and thereby reduce the monopoly by traditional law practitioners of legal knowledge, skills, and practice. Through legal literacy or alternative legal education, the sectors’ and the communities’ access to information on laws, rights and remedies is enhanced.

Litigation support

SALIGAN lawyers accept and litigate actual cases involving the marginalized, disadvantaged and exploited members of society. Still, alternative modes of resolving disputes and meta-legal tactics are encouraged and integrated into the litigation strategy, the ultimate goal being the protection of the rights of the marginalized, disadvantaged and exploited.

Research and Publication

SALIGAN engages in research and publication in support of its other activities. The program seeks to make the law comprehensible for non-lawyers.

Policy Advocacy

SALIGAN’s policy work at the national and local levels includes the continuing review and analysis of existing laws, bills, and executive issuance; the drafting of bills, executive issuances and implementing rules; participation in public hearings, conferences and fora; and provision of consultancy services.


SALIGAN conducts an internship program for Law Students.
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