Housing Rights

SALIGAN works for the realization of the right to decent and adequate housing of informal settlers. We collaborate with urban poor organizations, other NGOs, and concerned government agencies to ensure that the requirements for just and humane relocation are complied with.

Indigenous Peoples

SALIGAN recognizes and supports the indigenous peoples’ struggle for their right to self-determination. As such, we work for the right to ancestral domain and the passage of the National Land Use Act to address conflicting legal provisions regarding ownership and use of land and other resources


SALIGAN works with CSOs seeking ways toward sustainable development. We file cases on violations affecting the right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology. We capacitate the basic sectors to enable them to protect the environment.


SALIGAN recognizes the need for increased and meaningful participation of civil society and grassroots communities in the formal and informal peace processes.

Human Rights

SALIGAN lawyers are human rights defenders. We work for the recognition, protection and fulfilment of UDHR, the UNCPR, the UNESCR, and accompanying documents and pronouncements. SALIGAN also opposes policy proposals and practices violative of these rights.
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