SALIGAN has five core programs: women, workers, local governance, peace and the environment, each engaged in legal literacy and paralegal formation, litigation support, policy advocacy, research and publication of popular materials.

For Women
SALIGAN handles cases of victims of gender-based violence. We advocate for the enactment of laws addressing addressing women’s issues through legal education and policy changes. We also have women paralegals that assist litigants in the courtroom and other women in crisis.

For Workers
SALIGAN continues to influence pro-labor amendments to the Labor Code, engages in the discussion of public sector union issues, and addresses migrant workers’ concerns. We also address issues of security of tenure, the right to living wage and speedy labor justice, and the welfare of women workers.

For Peace
SALIGAN advocates for the peaceful resolution of conflicts in Mindanao and other community-based disputes. We capacitate community members on ADR mechanisms.

For Environment
SALIGAN works with CSOs seeking ways toward sustainable development. We file cases on violations affecting the right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology. We capacitate the basis sectors to enable them to protect the environment.

For Local Governance
SALIGAN directs its efforts and resources to increasing people’s participation in local governance. We conduct trainings on local legislation and policy formulation, the barangay justice system, and the national advocacy to democratizing local governance.