Workers' Rights

SALIGAN continues to influence pro-labor amendments to the Labor Code, engages in the discussion of public sector union issues, and addresses migrant workers’ concerns. We also address issues of security of tenure, the right to living wage and speedy labor justice, the welfare of women workers and child labor. 

Gender Equality

SALIGAN handles cases of victims of gender-based violence and advocate for the enactment of laws and issuance of policies addressing women’s issues towards gender equality. We also have women paralegals than assist litigants in the courtroom and other concerns in their communities. Gender issues are mainstreamed in all of SALIGAN’s programs and activities.

Children's Rights

SALIGAN works with children and child-focused NGOs and networks for the full domestic adoption and implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and its accompanying documents.

People's Participation in Governance

SALIGAN works with the basic and marginalized sectors for their meaningful engagement in all levels of governance. Primarily, SALIGAN directs its efforts and resources to increasing people’s participation in local governance. We conduct trainings on local legislation and policy formulation, the barangay justice system, and the national advocacy to democratizing local governance.
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