Gettie joined SALIGAN in 1990 and was its Women’s Program Coordinator from 2004-2006. She served as NAPC’s Director of the Sectoral Policy Unit from 2001-2003, and OPPAP’s Undersecretary for Programs from 2011-2016. Currently, she is a Policy and Gender Consultant of various government and non-government agencies and a member of the Ateneo de Manila University College of Law Faculty.
Atty. Maria Cleofe Gettie C. Sandoval


Tony joined SALIGAN in 1988 and was its Executive Director from 1998-1999. He is currently a full-time lawyer of the Third World Network, a project coordinator of PAHRA, and a consultant of IDEALS.
Atty. Antonio C. Salvador

Vice President

Aya is a Co-Founder and Director of Parabukas, a legal and policy consultancy focused on climate change, the environment, and sustainable development. She was previously an intern and then a lawyer with SALIGAN, where she was part of the Women, Urban Poor, and Local Governance units.
Atty. Alaya M. de Leon


Hazel joined SALIGAN in 2006. She is currently its Executive Director since 2014.
Atty. Marie Hazel E. Lavitoria


Nandy is one of SALIGAN’s incorporators. He is currently a Professor of Economics and the Dean of the School of Social Sciences at the Ateneo de Manila University. He is also a Board Member of the East Asia Economic Association.
Dr. Fernando T. Aldaba


Marlon joined SALIGAN in 1996 and was its Executive Director from 2001-2007. He served as ALG’s National Coordinator from 2008-2017 and NAPC’s Vice-Chairperson for the Basic Sectors from 2011-2015. Currently, Marlon is NAMATI’s Senior Advisor to the Global Legal Empowerment Network. He also teaches law at the Ateneo de Manila University College of Law and the San Beda College of Law.
Atty. Marlon J. Manuel


Aubrey is a human development volunteer. She last worked at SALIGAN as staff lawyer. She now resides in Oriental Mindoro and advocates lifelong learning, ecological spirituality and slow, small and simple living.
Atty. Aubrey F. Albo-Perez


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