ALG files 17th petition vs the Anti-Terror Law

July 24, 2020

We are the Alternative Law Groups (ALG), a coalition of 18 legal resource NGOs that engages in developmental law in pursuit of social justice while working alongside marginalized sectors.

We ask the Supreme Court to declare Republic Act (R.A.) 11479 or the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 as null and void.

The law should be struck down as unconstitutional as it authorizes violations of the people’s fundamental liberties.

The ALG believes that the law is detrimental to the space where civil society operates.

The activities we do with our sectors such as protests, community organizing, legal education, and assisting in controversial cases (e.g. communities against big mining companies) are acts that can be easily tagged as “terrorism” because of the law’s vagueness and overbreadth.

We believe that a law which cannot specify the acts that it prohibits cannot be valid. If such law makes the determination of what conduct is penalized subject to arbitrary interpretations of enforcers and judges, it cannot stand scrutiny.

We call on the Filipino people to continue on calling out what is unjust in society, like the Anti-Terror Law. We trust that the Supreme Court shall maintain its independence on deciding in this critical case that involves not only today’s generation but the next.


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