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  • A Needless Wait

    A Needless Wait The farmers of Hacienda Velez-Malaga are still in the fight for their future The Decquios, like most farmers in the country, are used to waiting. Mario, 39 and wife Linde, 48 have been waiting for the court to junk former landlord Robert...
  • A Call For Sobriety

    A Call For Sobriety Peace Advocates' Appeal for Sobriety The intense reactions to the planned signing of theMemorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front has already reached an alarming stage. ...
  • 2009 Annual Report

    this is a sample text for archive 2009 annual report highlights of 2009 (to read more click the image)...
  • ALG Success Story

    ONE STEP BEYOND by Michael Vincent Gaddi   Salvador Santos is a simple coconut farmer from Padre Burgos, Quezon who lived peacefully with his family and harvested coconuts from several trees he had planted. Just as he had grown accustomed to this worry...